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Intra-company transfer

The Intra Company Transfer (ICT) program, nestled within the International Mobility Program, is a unique immigration pathway that empowers qualified foreign business owners to seamlessly transfer their enterprises to Canada while obtaining a work permit. This avenue not only facilitates business growth but also paves the way for eventual permanent residence (PR). Moreover, it extends benefits to the principal applicant’s family, with spouses gaining an open work permit and children obtaining study permits in most cases.


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Who Qualifies for the ICT Program?

The ICT program is tailored to attract established companies worldwide, benefitting three categories of individuals:

1.Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Shareholders:

Holding executive positions in successful companies, these individuals intend to perform similar roles in Canada.

2. Senior and Functional Managers

Individuals in managerial positions in foreign companies seeking to occupy equivalent roles in Canada.

Key Employees with Specialized Knowledge:

Those possessing advanced and unique specialized knowledge crucial for business operations.

Intra-Company Transfer Canada Requirements

1.Operational History:

The home company must operate for at least 12 months (preferably 3 years) before expansion to Canada.

2.Financial Soundness:

The home company should be financially robust, capable of supporting foreign operations in Canada.

3.Applicant's Engagement:

The applicant must have worked with the home company for at least 12 months in the past three years.

4.Relationship with the Canadian Company:

The home company must be related to the Canadian company as a parent, subsidiary, or affiliate.

5.Viable Canadian Operations:

The Canadian operations must be viable, leading to job creation for Canadians.

Additional Checks for Initial Expansion:

1.Solid Business Plan:

A comprehensive business plan demonstrating viability, revenue generation, and job creation in Canada.

2.Executive or Managerial Requirement:

The company must prove the necessity of an executive or manager for the Canadian expansion.

3.Investment Amount for Initial Expansion

While there’s no set minimum investment, financially sound companies are expected. A suggested benchmark includes annual gross sales exceeding $250,000 and access to liquid funds of at least $100,000 to cover initial operational costs.

Applying for Intra Company Transfer Work Permit

1.Company Registration:

Register the company in Canada as a parent, subsidiary, or affiliate.

2.Business Plan Preparation:

Develop a detailed business plan covering proposed activities, market research, profitability strategies, hiring plans, and cash flow projections.

3.Document Collection:

Gather required documents, including bank statements, articles of incorporation, and evidence of investment funds.

4.Work Permit Application:

Submit the work permit application and await the decision.